President’s Letter

I always have had one true passion – being Italian.

My Italian roots date back to the turn of the 20th century, when my great (and great-great) grandparents, along with millions of others, emigrated from the hardships of the Terra Maledetta in hopes of a better life. Like the descendents of so many who made that journey, my family lost their connections with Italy and our past as they strived to embrace the language, culture and opportunities of their new homeland – America.

The progress my family made over generations meant that, growing up, I never learned much about my heritage. I knew I was Italian – and was raised as such (Grandma’s meatballs every Sunday after church!) – but still felt like something was missing.

I didn’t find this part of me until college, where I studied Italian, researched my family tree and started to discover my story – a unique story that waits for all of us across the Atlantic.

It is this shared history that drives me to continually build italyMONDO! – and the reason behind our bespoke services as well as our unmatched customer service. As we reconnect clients with their history and family, I have the blessing of experiencing over and over again the feelings that had changed my life as a young college student; and as a result, I consider each new client part of my own family.

My dream is to help everyone with Italian ancestors to reconnect with their heritage – to find that missing piece of their puzzle. You may have thought your family’s unique story was forever lost – but it’s only hidden, and you and your family deserve the experience of discovering it together.

Tante Belle Cose,
Peter M. Farina