Peter Farina Founder and President

Peter was born on the Ides of March in Amsterdam, NY, a small mill town with a strong Italian population. He founded italyMONDO! in 2006, after he visited Italy for the first time and discovered his own Italian roots.

Since that humble beginning, Peter has since turned italyMONDO! into the fastest-growing Italian cultural heritage company in the United States with a list of clients spanning four continents.

Peter is a frequent guest speaker both as an expert in Italian culture and on business success, as well as a regular guest on talk shows and the subject of dozens of newspaper and magazine articles throughout Upstate New York.

He has also received many awards and citations from various organizations, including the Entrepreneur of the Year award by his hometown’s Chamber of Commerce in January 2008.

Peter owes his success to the sacrifices that his ancestors made when they selflessly left everything and immigrated to America over a century ago. Peter’s great-grandparents came from Sora, Frosinone; Savoia di Lucania, Potenza; and Guardiaregia, Campobasso.