When you meet someone with a passion for the Italian lifestyle—food, wine, family, history, culture, heritage—you just know. There is something special about La Bella Italia that creates an immediate bond between people who have been influenced by her charms – and sometimes a shared smile says it all. This is how we felt when we met Eleonora Baldwin, the food and wine writer behind the popular Wednesday Wines series here on The italyMONDO! Blog. Eleonora, or Lola, writes about Italian food and wine with an infectious enthusiasm and warm simplicity that just invites readers to knock on the door, pull up a chair and join her for dinner. (And we know it would be a delicious dinner!) So pull up that chair, raise your glasses and join me in welcoming Eleonora Baldwin to the italyMONDO! family!

Eleonora Baldwin

Born in America, but having grown up in Italy from a young age, Eleonora learned all about Italian family cooking from her mother who was born in Rome. Just like many Italians, her grandmother’s cookbook is a cherished family treasure. Eleonora’s heritage in Italy is from the region of Piemonte—birthplace of her maternal grandmother—and from the city of Sora, Frosinone in the heart of “La Ciociaria,” (Where my great-grandfather was born as well, making Eleonora and me paesani!”) Raised in a bilingual family, Eleonora has a natural talent for languages and now speaks four—English, Italian, Spanish and French—a real advantage in her career as a script supervisor in the film industry. Having come from a family with a strong film making tradition, after a career in graphic design Eleonora eventually felt herself drawn to explore this path – and it’s certainly one with plenty of excitement and adventure!

When asked if she feels Italian or American, Eleonora answers, “I feel Italian.” And her passion for Italian cooking, traditions and culture certainly comes across in her writing for The italyMONDO! Blog and on her personal blogs where she writes regularly on a variety of topics. At her food blog, Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino, you’ll find tempting recipes accompanied not only by charming stories and also a wealth of information about true Italian home cooking. Over at her restaurant review blog, Forchettine (in Italian), you’ll find reviews of Eleonora’s favorite restaurants. And avid photographer as well as writer and blogger, Eleonora also shares a glimpse of daily life in Rome at her photo blog Roma Every Day.

What drives Eleonora’s passion for sharing good Italian cooking? Having cooked her whole life, she realized one day she hadn’t ever fully celebrated the importance of it in her daily life. It was all bubbling up inside until it finally found an outlet through blogging. She shared with us that she was hooked from the first post, and now can’t stop – which is very lucky for all of us Italy-loving readers!

Having cooked her whole life, Lola realized one day she hadn’t ever fully celebrated the importance of it in her daily life. It was all bubbling up inside until it finally found an outlet through blogging.

Here on The italyMONDO! Blog, Eleonora brings a fresh view to the sometimes daunting topic of Italian wines in her weekly Wednesday Wines column. She teaches us about the richness of Italy’s wines while at the same time reminding us that there are no set rules when it comes to wine. It’s not necessarily the name on the label or the price tag that determines a good bottle of wine, but instead it’s what your own taste buds tell you. Or, as Eleonora tells us, “Wine is meant to go well with food, like a good marriage.” Be bold, be daring, try new wines, and don’t be afraid to break some of the rules out there. After all, red wine can be very good with fish.

In the end, Eleonora’s writing reminds us to have fun and enjoy your wine with family and friends when possible. That’s often the best combination – and to us, the true definition of La Dolce Vita.

Stop by every Wednesday to learn more about Italian wines as Lola continues to share her insights, tips and passion for one of the most important elements of the Italian table – a good glass of vino italiano!

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