Skip the Consulate Service

Early on, italyMONDO! pioneered a novel, one-of-a-kind accelerated application process for Italian Dual Citizenship. We are proud to now offer the ability to pair this unique service with any of our other offerings, such as our Citizenship Assistance Service or our Worry-Free Citizenship Service. Our “360” Citizenship Service already includes our Skip the Consulate service.

Although you are free to apply for Italian citizenship through your local consulate, with waits as long as two years just to attend an appointment at some consulates – and over a year to process your application at others – one just needs to browse the online forums a bit to realize that the biggest problem with becoming an Italian Citizen isn’t the process… but the consulates.

So, why not take them out of the equation? Luckily, with our Skip the Consulate Accelerated Application Service, now you can:

• Skip the wait for the appointment
• Stop worrying about expensive court orders and amendments to certificates
• Avoid long processing times and multiple appointments
• Remove complications that occur when the consulate finally forwards your documentation to Italy

…and simply apply directly in Italy!

In addition to our processing time guarantee, the Skip the Consulate service is a wonderful opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of Italy while applying for your Italian Citizenship. We will work with you to select a location that is best suited to the types of cultural, dining, and tourism activities you enjoy the most. It is like a vacation and expedited citizenship processing service all rolled into one!

Skip the Consulate: starting at $7,000**

Multiple payment plans available, including our “Postponed to Recognition” Payment Plan, where you pay the service Fee for the Skip the Consulate service ONLY ONCE AND ONLY AFTER YOUR ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED!

With italyMONDO!, you’re in good hands.