Genealogy & Family Trees

We at italyMONDO! have developed a unique, exhaustive research process that ensures our clients receive an unmatched amount of information regarding their family history. While other companies simply look for public records and give you the hard data, we uncover your story – building it from scratch while on-site in Italy and guiding you through a living history that’s all your own.

From basic records about only one branch of your family tree to an exhaustive on-site municipal and church archive search going back centuries – or even finding family still living in Italy today – our services, presentations, and our Heritage Tours can be combined and customized to fit every need and budget.

No matter which Family Tree package you choose, italyMONDO! follows in the trail of your ancestor’s footsteps to uncover unique details that bring history alive, enabling you to give a priceless gift to your family as well as generations to come. Never again will your family’s story be lost to time.

We welcome you to review our menu of services and to contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk about a customized package for your family. Then, when you are ready, getting started is just a click away with our Family Chart Form.