La Mia Storia

La Mia Storia – My Story – is an italyMONDO! service that has thrilled our Family Tree clients, especially those looking to present our findings as a priceless gift to a beloved relative.

Our researchers know all too well that your story doesn’t begin and end with the official documents we uncover for you while working on-site in Italy. There are friendships, hardships, and joys that lie just below the surface of each of life’s milestones and when you learn about your family’s past, you don’t see just names and dates or even branches on the family tree – but experience your ancestor’s story.

By adding La Mia Storia to any of our Family Tree Packages, italyMONDO! takes the research, the people, and the events and creates a three-dimensional, living history that is unique to your family. From the life your family led in Italy to your ancestor’s immigration and life in America, it’s your story – originally thought lost to time, brought to light once again for all to share.

La Mia Storia Addition: $200 per branch*