Basic Family Tree Package

We have found that going on location uncovers so much more than just names and dates. By commissioning our Basic Family Tree Package, you’ll be sending a trusted expert for one full day (and one night, if necessary) of on-site research in the municipal archives of the Italian city or village where your ancestor was born.

You can expect not only the documents and research included in our Starter Package, but also complete information going back an additional two to four generations into your family’s Italian history. During the visit, your researcher will receive mayoral authorization to search the communal archives personally. Following their research they meet with locals, the village priest and other officials to learn more about the culture and history of your ancestral village – something unique to each town, and crucial in painting the picture of the lives your ancestors lived.

We’ll even take professional photos of your family’s neighborhood and the house where your ancestor was born if possible.

Looking for even more intensive research? We invite you to learn more about our Standard and Premium Packages as well as our popular FamilyFinder service, which helps us locate your relatives still living in Italy today!

Basic Family Tree Package: $600 per branch