Standard Family Tree Package

Delving even deeper into your Italian family tree, your personal researcher will spend up to three days and four nights of intensive on-site research exhausting all available municipal records – most dating back to the early 1800s – stored in the archives of villages and provincial capitals where your Italian ancestors lived.

Also in this package are all the features of the Starter and Basic Packages, including the village’s history, firsthand descriptions of the local culture as well as professional photographs of the town, neighborhood and, if possible, the very house where your ancestors lived.

As our clients have come to appreciate, italyMONDO! can always go the extra mile –sometimes literally! If you’d like a complete detailed account of your Italian family history, we invite you to take a look at our Premium Package. And if you want to find out if you still have cousins living in Italy, then the FamilyFinder is the perfect addition to this package.

Standard Family Tree Package: $1,200 per branch