Basic Heritage Excursion

With italyMONDO! as your guide, you can turn a simple day trip into the crowning jewel of your vacation. Instead of trudging around some unknown town with a map and little knowledge of the area, italyMONDO! will carefully plan a one-of-a-kind experience based on your family story.

  • Spend the day with knowledgeable guides, touring your ancestral village and meeting with locals and even the village’s mayor.
  • Visit the town hall and hold the book containing your ancestor’s birth certificate.
  • Experience the flavors of your ancestral region during a specially prepared, authentic meal.

All this and more is possible with a Basic italyMONDO! Heritage Excursion. You’ll never look at an Italian vacation the same again – and you’ll return home with unique memories you’ll be able to pass on for generations to come.

For people looking to turn their family vacation in Italy into a trip of a lifetime – to not only walk in their ancestor’s footsteps, but immerse themselves in authentic, off-the-beaten-path Southern Italy while living their family tree and experience the emotional thrill of meeting long-lost relatives still living in Italy – please see information about our Premium Heritage Excursions and Custom Family Vacations.

Basic Heritage Excursion: Day-trips starting at $1,100 per day*

*Overnights starting at $2,000