Custom Family Vacations

An italyMONDO! Custom Family Vacation gives you the unique opportunity to experience an Italy known to few outsiders. We give you your Italy – the one known by your ancestors. That Italy is a part of your story – a place full of amazing sights, sounds and flavors, and completely devoid of tour buses.

Not even the top travel agencies in America can match the experience we offer – because only italyMONDO! combines personalized trip planning developed on the ground in Italy with on-site genealogical research to give you a completely customized vacation that can never be replicated.

Our clients have returned from their italyMONDO! experiences completely transformed by this full immersion into their family’s history. Some have a renewed sense of family, organizing yearly reunions to make sure their history is never again lost to time. Others have made returning to Italy and visiting with newfound family a yearly event, and a few are even planning their retirements in their ancestral village!

Do you want a private driver and translator on call instead of a personal escort? A guided entrance through a city’s medieval walls, and then being left to explore on your own? While we work behind the scenes to ensure no desire goes unfulfilled, your one-of-a-kind vacation framework allows you to feel free to have the time of your life – and your days can be as orchestrated or as easygoing as you feel comfortable with. After all, it’s your trip!

In other words, your Custom Family Vacation can be whatever you want it to be – whether it’s skiing in the mountains that rise above your ancestral village, shopping in the same artisan shops as your ancestors or learning how to make local delicacies from people who treat you like family, italyMONDO! provides you with a 360-degree experience that is the crowning jewel of our services menu.

Custom Family Vacations: Starting at $600 per day*

*Please see our pricing chart for group rates