At italyMONDO!, we believe that every Italian American deserves the opportunity to learn as much as possible about their origins – including having the chance to find their long-lost relatives living in Italy today. That’s why we’ve created our popular FamilyFinder service, which can be commissioned along with any of our Family Tree packages to create a service that becomes so much more than just a Family Tree.

More precise and infinitely more successful than a simple genealogical project or letters being sent to Italy, we don’t just go through microfilms or do an online search – we actually travel to your ancestral town and conduct intensive on-site research to uncover not only your family’s past, but its present as well. As a result, an italyMONDO! Family Tree isn’t simply hard data, but includes photos and family stories shared by your family still living in Italy.

Exactly how successful is on-site research? Since our founding in 2006, we are proud to have a 100 percent success rate in finding family in Italy – often first and second cousins of our clients!

No matter how far you want to go back in time, including our FamilyFinder service with either our Basic, Standard and Premium Family Tree Packages takes what would be simply a document with names and dates and turns it into a living document. For clients who are planning a Custom Heritage Excursion or Tour in Italy, the on-site research and the connections with your family becomes the cornerstone of a truly unforgettable experience.

Are you ready to discover your relatives in Italy? After browsing which Family Tree Package best fits your budget and desires, get started today by completing our Family Chart Form!