Premium Heritage Excursion

Because there is so much to see and do in Italy, many visitors use larger cities as a base for exciting or relaxing day trips throughout a particular region.

But what if your excursion, whether just a single day or over multiple days, were custom designed just for you? What if a trip you thought was nothing more than a break from all the museums suddenly became a life-changing event?

An italyMONDO! Premium Heritage Excursion is more than a field trip with the family. It is a journey through time that brings you to family: Your long-lost relatives still living in the Old Country.

When you book a Premium Heritage Excursion, our experts hit the ground running – we research your family’s history and conduct on-site expeditions to uncover family members you never knew existed until now. But, we don’t stop there – we also learn the best places to stay, eat and see, and we can even plan reunions with your long-lost Italian family!

This means from the moment you arrive, you can experience a seamless adventure that takes you on a living tour in your ancestors’ footsteps, which culminates in bringing the entire family together to share the occasion.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill jaunt to the countryside. It’s nothing less than an affirmation of your roots that honors the sacrifices your ancestors made in their desire for a better life.

Premium Heritage Excursions: Starting at $600 per day*

*Please see our pricing chart for group rates