Founder’s Message

I always have had one true passion: my Italian roots.

Like many, my own family history dates back to the turn of the 20th century, when my great grandparents, along with millions of other Italian immigrants, crossed an ocean in the hopes of providing their children (and beyond) a better life.

I’ve always recognized that I’m walking in the footsteps of giants. Like yours, my Italian ancestors arrived at Ellis Island with pennies in their pocket and created a life in the new world. Their children, the Greatest Generation, then suffered through the Great Depression and fought for their parents adoptive home in World War II, giving us the life that we know today.

It’s truly humbling when you think about it – and

Of course, like you, I was about as Italian as Olive Garden (sorry Olive Garden!) My great-grandparents strived to integrate into their new home – forcing their children to learn English and even changing their names.

Regardless, our Italian Heritage always stayed with us – whether it be our holiday traditions or just nonna’s Sunday sauce cooking on the stove after church!

But I always felt like something was missing. I felt Italian, but I wanted to be Italian – and the desire to fill this void push me on a personal voyage to honor not only the sacrifice that my ancestors made but to also to discover who I am (and why).

Flash forward from these humble beginnings, I turned out to not only pioneer an industry, but the company that I founded has become the blue-chip standard in that industry, With two offices and over 20 employees, I feel blessed to have changed the lives of hundreds of people by offering services that I wished someone offered when I embarked on my own journey so many years ago.

My mission isn’t over, though. I had a dream to help everyone with Italian ancestors to reconnect with their heritage – and I (along with my fantastic team) still live that dream today. We want to help you find that missing piece of yourself, help you honor your ancestor’s sacrifice, and — like them — help you leave a legacy for your own family for generations to come – whether it be with an unforgettable trip to Italy, researching your family tree, or putting an Italian passport in your hands.

Your family’s history isn’t lost, it’s only hidden (and we would consider it a privilege to help you find it).

Peter Farina
Founder, italyMONDO! LLC