The italyMONDO! Experience

You’re standing in a medieval church in a small hilltop village in Italy, and your personal guide translates what the village priest is proud to tell you: This is where your story began.

Within the pages of a dusty book of fairytale proportions – written in the careful script of a long-gone registrar – are the names, dates and events of your family history. Slowly, the missing branches of your family tree grow and blossom as you watch the past take shape before your eyes.

You literally walk in your ancestor’s footsteps down cobblestone streets until you come to a house. The door opens, and you see yourself in the faces of strangers. As photos, stories and warm embraces are exchanged, the past comes alive and the word you’ve been hearing all day suddenly takes meaning: FamigliaFamily.

Over a century after the most massive migration in world history we, the descendants of the Italian people, still feel a connection to what our grandparents called the Old Country. If you have a desire to know firsthand where it is you came from, don’t wait until it is too late – let italyMONDO! help you uncover your family’s unique story, discover relatives still living in Italy, complete the circle with Dual Italian Citizenship, or take the vacation of a lifetime – returning home with vivid memories of an unforgettable journey into your past.

Our services

Italian Citizenship

Becoming an Italian citizen doesn't have to be difficult. From A La Carte services to our turnkey, full-service solutions to Italian citizenship, we offer a comprehensive list of services to ensure that you will soon hold an Italian Passport in your hands (guaranteed).

Family Tree Research

Your family's history isn't lost, it's just hidden. But with almost two decades of experience, we'll find it – and make the experience an unforgettable one as well.

Heritage Travel

Visit the ancestor's home. Walk in their footsteps. Meet your cousins still living in Italy today. With our custom Heritage Tours and Genealogy Vacations, it's all possible (and more).