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Donald DeSantis
Donald DeSantis29 Jul 2021

Here’s what you need to know: Peter Farina is a God-send. Don’t hire anyone else, even other “reputable” consultants. My experience is that the citizenship consulting space is filled with people that are at best disorganized. Sometimes they’re downright dishonest. Peter is principled and extremely competent. He will get the job done.

Longer story: I started reaching out to consultants in early 2017. I chatted with several but due to a calendar conflict I was never able to meet with Peter. I ended up hiring another well known consultant. She was based in NYC like myself and claimed to have helped hundreds of people.

She promised that she would be able to guide me from initial application to passport. My father and I began sending her all the information she needed, including original records that we could never replace. In short, it was an unmitigated disaster. After years of dealing with her, I finally reached back out to Peter.

Peter’s team setup a zoom meeting. He was nice and extremely knowledgeable. He knew of these other two consultants and said that they probably didn’t have us apply in Benevento because they push so much volume through there it was attracting attention, turning it into a citizenship farm. He never disparaged them or said anything bad about these consultants, even though he would have been preaching to the choir.

I offered, basically begged, to compensate Peter for his time and the time from his team. He refused to take my money. He said that he just feels terrible - there are so many people who have had an experience like myself, people who have already paid someone to do the work. He just wanted to help us out and make sure that we got this over the finish line.

With Peter’s help, I was finally able to get my passport. I doubt this would have happened with their help getting me through the final steps. They are true professionals, and my biggest regret was that I didn’t work with them from the outset. I highly recommend him and his team.

Chris DeLucia
Chris DeLucia10 May 2021

Words can't express just how grateful I am to have found italyMondo. I had always wanted to pursue Italian citizenship, but without them, I would never have been able to complete the process. Peter and the team made the whole thing easy and fun, and also made it an experience I will never forget. Between working with such a great team, discovering some of my family's history, and being in Italy at the end for the ceremony, the whole experience was just so special and unique. My experience was so positive that I have continued to work with italyMondo to pursue citizenship for the rest of my family. Finding italyMondo was literally a life-changing experience, and I will be forever grateful to Peter and the entire team for all of their efforts and support in helping me achieve a long-time goal.

Carlo D
Carlo D.5 Jun 2021

Peter and italyMondo! oversaw my Italian citizenship (de jure sanguinis) in 2008-2009. Peter and his team were meticulous and formatted and packaged everything perfectly for the Italian Consulate in Miami. Peter's passion for Italy and connecting people to their Italian heritage is immediately obvious. As I recently renewed my Italian passport, I look back fondly on my conversations with Peter years ago when italyMONDO! was in its infancy. italyMONDO! was money very well spent and continues to reap benefits for my family and me. I am a lifelong happy client!

Lori Abrams
Lori Abrams22 Apr 2021

I can't say enough about ItalyMONDO! My family and I started the journey toward citizenship in April of 2017. They quickly confirmed eligibility and have held my hand through the entire process. Amazingly, they were able to locate the church where my grandfather was baptized in 1910 to obtain the certificate as he did not have a birth certificate because he was born 2 years before that state began to issue them. They also helped me to obtain a court order to change our marriage license so that all the names on it would match the birth certificates ensuring that all of our documents would be accepted by the Italian government.

My family decided to “skip the line“ for citizenship and travel to Italy. Italy MONDO had me register for a citizenship appointment at our consulate in addition just in case it was needed since it would be about an 18 month wait. By January of 2019 everything was in order and we made plans as a family to travel to Italy in June for our 2 week journey to citizenship. At this time, they also registered my children for citizenship appointments at the consulate again only as a precaution (thankfully). Two weeks before our departure Peter (the founder of italyMONDO) called us personally to discuss a policy change regarding an Italian law that could prevent us from getting our citizenship via “skip the line“ . He was very knowledgable and recommended we cancel our trip and go through our consulate. This would give us more legal recourse for a path towards citizenship if we were denied. Fortunately, by now this appointment was only 2 months away!

Prior to my consulate appointment ItalyMONDO send me an entire binder with everything I would need for my citizenship, my children's citizenship, and to register my marriage so that my husband could eventually apply for citizenship too. The process at the consulate was very smooth. They were very impressed with my packet and even asked me who did it for me. They thought I had hired a lawyer in Italy. When it wartime for my children's appointments, they were cancelled due to covid. They actually knew about the cancellation before we did. They helped us regroup and submit all of the paperwork via mail. I received my citizenship March of 2021. ItalyMONDO has continued to be by my side during the passport application, the registration of my marriage, the citizenship status for my children, and the continued journey for my husband's application and citizenship as well. I know they will be there until we all have our passports! Peter and his team at italyMONDO! are AMAZING! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and can not wait to be able to travel to Italy and meet the team!

De Anna Brooks
De Anna Brooks19 Mar 2021

Save yourself money and years of headache and hire ItalyMONDO immediately. We worked with them for acquiring citizenship for our family and have sent both friends and strangers their way. This includes people who had hired lawyers (at great cost, mind you) to facilitate the process and still ended up contacting Peter and his team. Because ItalyMONDO will get it done. And the process will be easy to understand and complete. I know it seems like you could just put a little elbow grease into it and complete the process yourself. But, believe me, it will not be worth your time and effort. ItalyMONDO was worth every single penny. We are so very grateful that they were recommended to us when we started our citizenship journey. A true gem of a company and stellar service!

Tony Colaizzi
Tony Colaizzi12 Mar 2021

Working with both Dina and Peter has been an honor. They are both passionate about their work.

Peter is extremely knowledgeable and his level of integrity is second to none. When the meeting with Peter was scheduled for only 1 hour, I was very doubtful that would be enough time to review everything. I was wrong. It was obvious within the first 2 minutes of the meeting that Peter had done his homework and was more than prepared. The information he provided is pertinent and essential for the next step of me obtaining my Italian citizenship.

He sent my wife and I homework and we look forward to our second meeting in May assuming we complete the very precise outline of our assignments.

I don't have anyone to compare italyMONDO to, but I can honestly say the experience so far has been amazing. Thank you to both Dina and Peter for getting me to this next step of a potential Italian citizenship. Grazie, Grazie!

Philip Lanieri
Philip Lanieri17 Feb 2021

Peter and his team at italyMONDO were great, all-around. They were responsive, friendly, helpful and seemed happy to help throughout the process of providing their services. I would recommend them for anyone with dual citizenship-related needs! 5/5 Stars!

Jeff Diodati
Jeff Diodati11 Feb 2021

I was referred to Peter and italyMondo from a friend who they successfully helped in him obtaining his Italian Citizenship recognition. I started using italyMondo a little over 3 years ago and I just received recognition as well. I am thrilled! Peter and his team were fantastic to work with as I went through this wonderful journey finding out new things about my family history as I worked through obtaining my Italian citizenship. I highly recommend Peter and his team as they are very knowledgeable and well organized and made the process run very smoothly.

Natalie DeRosa
Natalie DeRosa10 Feb 2021

italyMONDO! is worth every penny. Peter and his team helped my brother and I when we thought we were out of luck and without hope for dual U.S.-Italian citizenship. Please don't hesitate and book a consultation!

Keara Sodano
Keara Sodano8 Feb 2021

Peter and his team offer incredible support, patience, and knowledge-sharing with respected professionalism. Pursuing Italian citizenship has been an emotional journey filled with hope and insecurity. I had paid another company $1000 and was filled with so much doubt from the beginning, but was lured by hope. In the end that doubt was warranted. italyMONDO provided the exact opposite experience. Peter was educating me and actually providing a tangible service during my consultation. It was no a sales was an exchange of knowledge and service to the process. He didn't sell me on a dream, but helped me develop a detailed plan to acquire documents to create a viable path to my Italian citizenship. He is passionate about genealogy and patient with his clients.

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